About our school


We are a one form entry primary school with a PAN (Published Admissions Number) of 30 per year group.

The current admissions arrangements for primary schools are laid down by the Local Authority and you can find more details about the current arrangements on their website:


Admissions should be made online directly to the Local Authority Admissions Department at  www.devon.gov.uk/admissionsonline or telephone the helpline 0845 155 1019.


Admissions Policies

2023-2024 West Hill Admissions Policy

2024-2025 West Hill Admissions Policy

2025-2026 West Hill Admissions Policy

New entrants to school
When a place is offered for the normal round of admissions to a reception class, this is for full time admission from the start of the September term after your child’s fourth birthday. While you can accept this offer, you may feel that your child is not ready for a full time place in school. As a parent, it is for you to decide this and you have a number of options:

  1. You can accept the full-time reception place for the start of September.
  2. You can defer admission until your child reaches the statutory school age and either:
  • keep your child at home; or
  • take up a part-time place in reception; or
  • take a part-time place at a pre-school setting using your entitlement to 15 free hours a week.

Once a child starts at school, either part-time or full-time, there is no longer an entitlement to a free place at an Early Years setting. You can take additional hours in a pre-school or nursery but you would have to pay for this.

Please come and see either a member of our Admin team and we will be very happy to help answer any questions or perhaps find the answer out if necessary.

A meeting is held during the Summer Term for parents of pupils who are due to enter school as rising-fives during the following academic year. In order that the children may settle more easily into school, there is always an opportunity for them to come into their class in the mornings or afternoons during the term prior to entry.

Please telephone the School Administrator on (01404) 812599 if would like to arrange a visit to the school.