Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan – Outline of Aims

The aim of the strategic plan is to focus the Governing Board objectives and to facilitate and support the School Development Plan.

The plan sets out the key objectives to 2025 and is aimed at enabling the school to continue to raise achievement and standards and to further build on our reputation as a high performing school.

This is a live document and subject to ongoing review and update.

Our Vision: A school where everyone has the opportunity to shine.

Our Values: achievement, happiness, friendship, respect, responsibility and co-operation.

The school Strategic Plan provides focus for the Governing Board, formalising the framework for review of priorities, accountability and monitoring of progress.

Executive Summary

The document is designed to ensure that we will realise our objectives and is comprised of three broad overarching aims:

Behaviour and Attitude – To improve relationships at all levels by increasing the visibility of, and accessibility to, the members of the Governing Board.

Personal Development – To facilitate effective mental health and wellbeing provision across the school by a process of continuous monitoring, review and policy update.

Quality of Education – To seek assurance that all pupils will receive the precise support they need to make at least expected progress by timely review of examination results, performance reports and predictions.

This strategic plan provides a plan of action designed to achieve the school’s vision.


Created: March 2023

Reviewed: At least once per term