Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan – Outline of Aims July 2019

The aim of the strategic plan is to ensure a clear direction for the future, and that a robust strategy plan is in place to achieve our vision. The plan sets out the key objectives to 2022 and is aimed at enabling the school to continue to raise achievement and standards and to further build our reputation as an outstanding school. It should be noted that as with any plan it is a live document and subject to change and review.

Our Vision: A school where everyone shines

Our Values:  achievement, co-operation, respect, responsibility, happiness, friendship

The school strategy provides a framework for reviewing priorities, creating accountability, monitoring progress and focusing on significant strategic challenge.

Based on a 3-year cycle it is focused on:

  • Providing clarity of focus about the school’s future direction.
  • Providing a monitoring and self-evaluation mechanism for Governors.
  • Providing a framework to direct the allocation of resources and nature and pace of change.

This Strategic Plan is determined by a continued ambition to be an outstanding school under the OFSTED framework. The Governors’ and senior leaders’ vision for maintaining our outstanding status is firmly rooted in our foundation of providing each child in our school with a well rounded education based on academic achievement as well as personal and social development

Executive Summary

The document is designed to ensure that we will realise our vision and is comprised of three broad overarching aims:

Leadership and Management – A highly motivated and effective leadership team, including a Governing Board that challenges and supports leaders, holding individuals to account.

  1. All leaders are clear about the vision and strategic direction of the school, are highly ambitious for the pupils, and lead by example.
  2. Self-evaluation of the school’s performance is accurate and development priorities and subsequent action bring about measurable improvement. Rigorous assessment systems for tracking and sharing pupil progress, targets and expectations exist, thus securing good progress for every child.
  3. Monitoring the financial performance of the school and use of resources is targeted and making sure that its money is well spent

Teaching, Learning and Assessment – An inspiring and challenging learning culture where all pupils flourish.

  1. The curriculum is inspiring, exciting, vibrant and relevant, engendering a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning. It promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school, and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.
  2. The curriculum aims to develop children into independent life-long learners, who are fully in charge of their own learning and who possess many key life skills to assist them throughout their lives.
  3. High standards of educational achievement are promoted for all children.

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare – An environment where pupils are safe, happy and resilient.

  1. The school’s core values, ethos and vision are reflected within its policies and underpin the management of the school.
  2. Pupils within the school have a voice that is listened to, whilst understanding democracy and British values within the wider world.


The strategic plan provides us with a plan of action which is designed to achieve the school’s vision.