Vice Chair Terms of Reference

Being a vice chair of governors is a key role in the governing body and very important in flattening the structure.

An effective vice chair of governors:

  •  works with the chair to promote and maintain high standards of educational achievement
  •  ensures that the governing body is setting a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction
    for the school
  •  understands the governing body’s strengths and weaknesses and makes sure that these skills are utilised appropriately. Maintains a skills matrix of all governors so that appropriate governor training can be identified where necessary
  •  oversees the introduction and new joiners process for governors onto the governing body

The role plays a pivotal part in the culture of the governing body by creating the new joiners programme for all new governors. The governing body is filled with volunteers and it relies on an easy and quick hand over of information in the first few weeks to make sure that it gets the best of everyone’s skills. The vice-chair will obviously step-in if the chair is not available for a particular meeting but it should not be seen as a position in waiting. It is a very important position on its own.