School Council

We have an active School Council at West Hill Primary. Elections for Class Councillors take place in the Autumn Term, each year. Candidates in Years 1-6 prepare a presentation to their Class before they are elected.  Regular meetings are held with the representative Councillors from each class.

The children are always very keen to help improve various aspects of school life including recycling, playtimes and the school dinner menu.

The School Council leads assemblies twice a year to consult all the children on current issues affecting the school.  This may be a general update, selecting charities to support or a review of decisions that have been made.

Councillors will always report back to their year groups and advertise their work on the School Council display board. They are actively involved in creating an annual newsletter for pupils and parents, writing articles, sports pages, an interview page and joke/puzzle page.

Since September 2019 the School Council are considering an Eco Brick project to support recycling in West Hill. We hope to continue this, and more, in 2021-22.