At West Hill Primary School we believe our Geography curriculum inspires children to ask questions about the natural and human world around them and to seek to discover the answers through different methods of enquiry. Children will develop knowledge of places and environments throughout the world and a deeper understanding of their place within it. We intend to foster in our children a curiosity about their world that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.



To ensure high standards of teaching and learning in Geography, we implement a curriculum that is progressive throughout the whole school. In EYFS, Geography is taught as part of the Knowledge and Understanding the World area of the Early Years Framework. Geographical themes such as weather and the seasons are also explored in our Forest School lessons during the Spring and Summer terms.  In KS1 and KS2 Geography is taught in termly or half-termly blocks. These planned blocks either alternate or are linked to History.

The Geography curriculum at West Hill Primary School is based upon the 2014 Primary National Curriculum in England, which provides a broad framework and outlines the knowledge and skills and taught in each Key Stage. We have also recently adopted a Geographical Skills Progression Document and are in the process of embedding it in our curriculum.

Teachers are encouraged to consider opportunities available to use the school grounds and the local area for fieldwork to enable children to base learning on first hand experiences to enhance teaching and learning in Geography. Recently children have explored the local area including orienteering at a nearby stately home and by conducting river studies at The River Otter.


Geography Policy

Geography Curriculum map

Geography Endpoints

Geography Assessment Grid

Geography progression pages 71-76