Our computing curriculum aims to offer children a wide range of learning through its three core areas: Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Information Technology, developing lifelong skills as well as confidence and enthusiasm for the subject. Alongside this learning, children will be taught to use technology in a safe and responsible manner through a progressive scheme of learning. As participants in a digital world – which is ever changing – children will be taught to develop skills allowing them to contribute in a positive way.


Children will access a wide range of software and platforms including, but not limited to, Espresso Coding, Espresso Primary, Purple Mash, Google Classroom, Scratch, Collins Connect and MyMaths, in order to create and publish content, develop skills and access the wider curriculum. Children will be encouraged to make links to other subjects, e.g. through the creation of algorithms in maths. Children will have a timetabled slot in the Computing Suite and have access to Chromebooks and iPads in the classroom in order to have the time and resources to meet the criteria above. Children will be shown a wide range of age appropriate material – both online and offline – to broaden their knowledge of internet safety from EYFS to Year 6. Children will be taught the correct terminology.


  • Children will be prepared for both future education and jobs, with a bank of computing skills and knowledge.
  • Children will be confident when using technology and be able to achieve their desired goals.
  • Children will be able to use their computational thinking and apply this to their everyday lives.
  • Children will have a secure and comprehensive knowledge of digital systems and technology.
  • Children will be able to apply the British values (democracy, tolerance, mutual respect, rule of law and liberty) when using different systems and technology.



Computing Curriculum Map (Updated June 2024)

Computing – Statements of Progression and Endpoints

Computing – Assessment

Computing & ICT Policy

Online Safety Policy and Internet Code of Conduct