Class 4

Summer Term 2021

What an action-packed term we have enjoyed in Class 4. As part of our work considering ‘Are Zoos Good or Bad?’ we read ‘Zoo’ by Anthony Browne, wrote balanced arguments on this subject and even visited Paignton Zoo to find out whether or not the animals were treated with compassion (one of our words of the week). We also enjoyed a ‘Roman’ day linked to our History topic. In Art, we made real mosaics with actual tiles and grouting.

(Above) We discussed whether the animals’ enclosures were spartan or stimulating spaces.


(Above) We needed to code the Wedo 2.0 software so our own devices performed the function we wanted. This model is designed to transport animals safely around the zoo. We learnt all about gears and pulleys to make our devices work in the way we intended.

(Below) This model is designed to teach orphaned owls how to fly by showing them how to flap their wings.

We wrote newspaper articles about the destruction of Pompeii when Mt. Vesuvius erupted. We used interesting vocabulary and present perfect tense where appropriate.

(Below) A timeline of the events and a breakdown of the layout features of a newspaper report helped us know what was required in our writing.

(Below) One of our super Roman mosaics, using tiles kindly donated to us.

Spring Term 2021

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