Class 6

Autumn Term 2021

Welcome to Year 6

We are all so excited to be back to school and starting our final year. Hopefully, this year we will

Autumn Term 2020

Welcome to Year 6

We designed colourful shields to introduce ourselves to Mrs Harris and Mrs Bennett.


The Victorians

This term we have enjoyed learning about the Victorians.¬† As part of our Victorian topic we have been studying the text ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty. This wonderful book tells us the story of the life of a poor family living in Victorian England. It is based on the story of Jim Jarvis and how his meeting with Dr Barnardo led to the opening of the Barnardo’s homes for children. We used this text, along with the story of Dr Barnardo, to inspire our writing this term.

Christmas Crafts

We worked hard in Design & Technology lessons to create these Christmas bags. We created our designs, then using running stitch we were able to sew our designs on to the bags. We then used either blanket stitch or running stitch to sew our bags together before adding ribbons to fasten  them.

Here are some of our wonderful designs!