Class 5

     Summer Term 2021


The Tudors

This term we have been learning about the Tudors. In particular we really enjoyed learning about the life of Henry VIII and his many wives.

Activity Week

At the end of May we had a fantastic time during our annual Activity Week. Normally the week consists of visits to many local attractions, but due to the changing lockdown restrictions, Mrs Bedford and  Mrs Tovey arranged for a selection of special visitors to attend the school to enhance our learning.

Monday – Book Publishing

The Monday began with a visit from a local artist to help us transform the wonderful Charlie Mackesy inspired stories we have been writing, into bound books.

Tuesday – Good King Hal

Tuesday was our Tudor themed day. We had a very special visitor in school for the day – Good King Hal! Good King Hal planned a range of hilarious talks and fun-filled activities as well as a quiz, he kept us busy and entertained day. We all had a great time and learnt so much about life as a Tudor. We even ended the fun-filled day with a jousting tournament!


Wednesday – Sporty Stars

On Wednesday we had a wonderful day with the Sporty Stars team! It was a glorious sunny day filled with a huge range of sporty activities.

In the afternoon we were taught how to play volleyball and then finished the day with a fun game of dodgeball.

Thursday – Print Workshop

On Thursday we were visited by Rosie from Elephant Print, she taught us how to use the printing press and we created wonderful prints based on the Peter and the Wolf musical.

Thursday – Sculptures 

In addition to the printing, on Thursday we also made sculptures out of clay. The sculptures we created were actually characters from the books we wrote on Monday.  We are very proud of the finished products!

Friday – Forest School

What a great way to end our activity week! On Friday morning we all arrived at Exmouth Forest School for an action-packed day in the great outdoors!

We learned such a wide range of skills and had an absolutely fantastic day!



Spring Term 2021

We were all so pleased to finally be able to return to school on 8th March after several weeks of home learning.

Although we haven’t been in school, we have all been working really hard at home. Have a look at some of the wonderful work we created during Lockdown 3.0!

Lockdown Writing

Environmental Art During Lockdown

Oxo Box Challenge

Every week our teachers organised for us to get together on Google Meet, this gave us the opportunity to stay in touch with our classmates and share our experiences. As part of our weekly meetings we took part in a weekly Oxo Box Challenge.

Our final challenge was to use our Oxo box to create a junk model of our choice. Here are some of our designs, which are now displayed back in school.



Autumn Term 2020

We spent time discussing and agreeing our class rules. If we all follow these rules we hope to have a happy and successful year in year 5.

Welcome to Class 5

Vincent van Gogh

Pablo Picasso